PM180 or BFM II in Service Mode

Service Mode is used for local upgrading of device's firmware. 

When the device enters Service Mode, the CPU LED briefly flashes 2 times with a 1-second pause.

In Service Mode, all device operations are stopped.


Steps to restoring functionality of device:

1. Power down off the device for 10 seconds at least.

2. Connect COM1 to a PC.

3. Run Teraterm at 115200 bps, 8N.

4. Power up the device.

5. Press 't' followed by Enter within 3 seconds to stay in Flash Loader, and then enter the password ‘9’.

      The loader quits in 30 seconds if the password is not entered.

6. Print ‘p’.

7. In TeraTerm menu click File->Send File.

    Choose image file PM180_31.5.28_BODH.hex (file name for example only) and click Open button.

8. When the upgrading process will be completed wait about two minutes and only then switch power off and then after delay 10 seconds switch power on.

    Starting PM180 takes about 1 minute. If it started properly LED ready should to blink each second.

9. In PAS go to Monitor->Device Control/Device Diagnostics and click button Clear