Short period (less than 1 minute) of recording data logs is not recommended.

Such application might short live time of memory in power meter, complicated to analyzing and not optimal.


Instead, all SATEC devices have embedded event driven smart data/events recorder.

User should just set triggers to recording abnormal values.

Such monitoring will be significantly more effective and will prevent receiving, storing, analyzing bulk extra data and optimize communication traffic.


When a system needs to read data very frequently, it should read real time Modbus registers and not data log.

Recording by special conditions can be combined with periodical (number of minutes period) recording into some data log 

or can be recorded into different logs.

Each setpoint is able to include up to 4 triggers which can be combined by "AND" or "OR" conditions

 (except EM/PM13X and BFM136/BFM II devices).


Additionally PM175, PM180, EM720, EM920, SA300 devices have automatic PQ Recorder and Fault Recorder.