Communication to ExpertPowerPlus/Pro (XPP): Troubleshooting steps.

SATEC power meter may be connected to internet directly via Ethernet/Internet or by Cellular Modem.

Communication devices types: ETC 2002, ETC II or Modem Gatetel.

There two connection initialization ways to ExpertPowerPlus/Pro (XPP) system:

  • Type A. Communication device or directly connected SATEC power meter initializes connection to XPP.
  • Type B. XPP Initializes connection to Communication device or to directly connected power meter.

Both entity types will be called below “Comm. device”.

For both Type A and Type B.

  • Check communication to Comm. device in the local network.

   Ping test is inadequate because of replay of pinged device cannot be recognized.

SATEC supplies program PAS that designed for communication with SATEC devices.

In order to check it should be opened port 502 for incoming connection in the local network.

When Comm. device is connected through cellular modem check whether it connected to internet

For Type A

2. Check/Enable ExpertPower client in device. In PAS go to Meter Setup->Communication Setup/ExpertPower Client Setup

For Type A

4. Check outgoing connection to IP address of XPW server port 5001


Telnet test:

a) Disconnect the device.

b) Connect a laptop instead of the device.

c) Define connection properties in the laptop exactly like in the device including the default gateway.

d) Run next command in the command line window: telnet port 5001