SATEC power meter may be connected to internet directly via Ethernet/Internet or by Cellular Modem.

Communication devices types: ETC 2002, ETC II or External Cellular Modem Gatetel or Modules with Cellular modem.

Modules with Cellular modem can be supplied for ETCII, BFMII, EM720, EM920 and EM/PM13X series.

Even if a device has embedded functionality to communicate via Internet 

always must be defined separate Communication Device in XPW.

Regardless Communication Device type there two connection initialization ways to ExpertPowerPlus/Pro (XPW) system:

  • Type A. Communication device initializes connection to XPW.
  • Type B. XPW Initializes connection to Communication device.

Troubleshooting steps Type 1:

Step 1a. When SATEC device is connected in Ethernet network.

Check communication to Comm. device in the local network.

Run ping test on Command line Console to check whethere the device avalable in the network.

To running ping test ICMP Protocol should be enabled in the network.

Ping test doesn't recognize the device.

SATEC device is being recognized by fabrication serial number of by MAC address of the Ethernet card.

SATEC company supplies program PAS that designed for communication with SATEC devices.

In order to communicate to SATEC device access to port 502 should be enabled in the local firewall.

Refer document PAS Getting Started 

Step 1b.  When SATEC device is connected to internet through cellular modem.

   Check correctness of Accress Point Name definition (APN).See field (2) in the example below.

   For Type A in GPRS Setup should be switched to Client Mode. See field (3) in the example below.

   Check whether it connected to internet. Check Local IP Address in GPRS Setup.

   See field (1) in the example below. If Local IP Address is, modem of the device is not connected to internet.

Step 2.

Check/Enable ExpertPower client in device. In PAS go to Meter Setup->Communication Setup/ExpertPower Client Setup

Step 3.

Enable/Check outgoing connection to IP address of XPW server port 5001.

Devices SATEC initializes outgoing connection using a random port.


Telnet test of out going connection:

a) Disconnect the device.

b) Connect a laptop instead of the device.

c) Define connection properties in the laptop exactly like in the device including the default gateway.

d) Run next command in the command line window: telnet port 5001