Upgrading Meter Firmware You can upgrade device firmware through any communication port installed in your meter: a serial port, USB, wireless GSM/GPRS modem, or via the Internet.  Downloading firmware is only supported through the Modbus RTU/ASCII and Modbus/TCP protocols. If you are connected to the meter via a serial port, ensure that it operates in Modbus mode. It is also recommended to set the serial port baud rate to 115,200 bps. See Configuring Communications on how to remotely change the protocol and baud rate in your meter. To download a firmware file to your meter: 

1. Check the On-line button on the PAS toolbar, select Flash Downloader from the Monitor menu, and then confirm changes.

2. Point to the firmware upgrade file, click Open, and then confirm upgrading the meter. 3. When asked for the password, type the meter password, and click OK.

4. Wait until PAS completes downloading the file. It takes about 9-10 minutes at 115,200 bps via a serial port, or about 20 seconds via a USB port, to download the file to the meter.

5. Wait about 10 seconds until the meter completes burning firmware into the flash and reboots before any further manipulating with the meter.  


1. When the meter reboots, the Ethernet and GPRS networks are both restart, so communications may be temporarily lost. You may need to wait a short duration before PAS restores a connection with your meter.   

2. If you are connected to the meter via a wireless GPRS network, the meter will logout of the network and logon again so the IP address you used for connecting to the meter will no longer be supported. You should check the meter for a new GPRS network IP address either from the front display, or via PAS using another communication port.