Question: I have several SATEC devices connected to Ethernet directly.

Sometimes they are stopping communicate: do not replay ping

Troubleshooting steps:

1) When the issue began. What is period of using devices on the site when they communicated without interruptions.

2) IP addresses of the devices must be out of DHCP IP addresses space. Check it.

3) Are there communication inerrupions to other devices in the network.

4) Are all SATEC devices connected to some switch?

5) Did you ping an appropriate Ethernet switch. Was that replayed the ping?

6) Is the switch has Wi-Fi? Is it enabled?

7) Check Link and Activity LEDs on SATEC device when it doesn't replay ping.

8) Check power power down events in Event log of the devices.

9) How connection is being restored? Automatically or manually?

10) When the SATEC device do not response ping: is it occurring synchronously for both devices?

11) When the SATEC device do not response ping: are other devices in the network  communicating correctly at that time?

12) When the SATEC device do not response ping: send ping to the default gateway. Is it replaying?

a) Please send to us connection diagram that will show all devices in the network.

b) For PM180: has it additional Ethernet RJ45 or/and fiber ports? Please detail.