WIFI module is supported from in next versions and higher.

EM133 (regular model) -  V12.2.19.1

EM133-AR (residential meter) - V12.5.12

EM133-AR-XM (residential meter with extended memory) - V12.7.12

EM133 -  with protocol IEC 60870 - V12.22.16.2

PAS program - or later.


1. Switch power supply OFF

2. Connect WIFI module accurately and close the screws.

3. Switch power supply ON.

4. Connect your embedded or external port RS485 of your PC to COM1 of EM133.

5. Switch PAS to on-line mode and check connection.

6. Go to Meter Setup->Communication setup/Serial Ports Setup, choose COM2 and verify whether the WIFI module is recognized in the device.

7. Go to WIFI Access Point Setup and check whether it disabled. 

8. Go to WIFI Station Setup and set Network Name (SSID), choose appropriate Encryption Type and set password.

  EM133 doesn't recognize an encryption type automatically.

9. Check for available IP  address, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask in specific WIFI network and define those setting on the device.

Monitoring communication.

10. Setup in EM133 should be defined using PAS:

     a) Go to Monitor->Device Control/Communication to check connection status and WIFI Signal level.

      b) On display of the device. 

           Click the right button until Device Info and then click the left button until WIFI status page.

11. Monitoring communication by computer.

     a) Connect your computer to same network where already connected the device.

     b) Send ping request to the device. 

          For example: ping -t

     c) Add and define site in PAS to communicating to the device via WIFI to its IP address