Processing water, gas or electricity consumption from external meters in EM133.

Setup in EM133 and definitions in ExpertPowerPlus system.

        EM133 is equipped with 2 embedded digital inputs. 

        Optionally can be installed either module with 4 DIs or with 12 Dis.

        Refer page 6 in SATEC products catalog

1. Setup in EM133. Use PAS program in define digital inputs setup in EM133.

        1.1 Meter Setup->General Setup-> Digital Inputs.

               Choose “normally open” or “normally closed” pulse polarity. 

      1.2 Set counters. EM133 supports up to 4 counters.

       1.3 Define counters parameters in Datalog#1.


       1.4 Define trigger to recording Datalog#1. As per example below – every 15 minutes.

2. Definition is ExpertPowerPlus.

      2.1For each used digital input add Pulse device in under appropriate communication device. 


       2.2  Click  “Run Now” button to rereading setups from the device



      2.3 In Memory Setup verify that latest updates already were read into ExpertPowerpLus.


    2.4 For EM133 for to page More Options->Pulse Setup and set Source Pulse device for each Digital Input.

       2.5 For each Pulse device.

              Set Electricity requests

When reading new data logs records will be completed check appropriate consumption type (electricity, water or gas ) in ExpertPowerPlus/Pro for the Pulse device