If you have a HyperTerminal session file for the 19200-baud communications, then do the following:

1. Run HyperTerminal from the Windows Start->Programs->Accessories-> Communications menu. 

    When the New Connection dialog appears, click Cancel to close the dialog.

2. Select Open from the File menu, and then double-click on your “19200” session file.

If you have not prepared a HyperTerminal session file yet, then do the following:

1. Run HyperTerminal from the Windows Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications menu.

2. Type 19200 as a name for your new connection and click OK.

3. In the “Connect Using” box, select a PC COM port to which your meter will be connected and click OK.

4. Select 19200 bps in the “Bits per second” box, select None in the “Flow control box”, and then click OK.

5. Select Save from the File menu to save your session file.

To upgrade firmware in the meter:

1. Connect the meter to your PC serial port. Refer to the meter manual for the connection diagrams.

2. If the meter does not have a valid firmware, just switch the meter power on to get it connected.

    If your meter has a valid firmware, then press simultaneously and hold the Max/Min and Esc buttons and then switch the meter power on.

When the meter Flash Loader starts, the FLSH Loadr message appears on the meter display and the following message is printed in HyperTerminal:

Flash Loader Ver.1.1.3

Copyright (C) 2008-2009, SATEC Ltd.


3. Type 9 as a password and press Enter. The following command menu appears:

Flash Loader commands


 h - Display this text

 i - Display firmware information

 b - Display/change baud rate

 p - Download a program into Flash

 q - Quit Flash Loader


Type p and press Enter. The following message appears:


Programming Flash


Send a HEX-32 file as a text file.

To abort download, press Esc.



Select Send Text File from the Transfer menu, select “All files (*.*)” in the “File of type” box, point to your firmware file on the file pane, and click Open.

IMPORTANT: Do not cycle the meter power and do not disconnect the meter from your PC until downloading is completed.

6. When downloading firmware is completed, the Flash Loader prints a message like follows:

586596 characters received.

Program OK. 213280 bytes written.


Type q and press Enter to quit the Flash Loader, or just cycle the meter power.


The main program has started.

8. Close your HyperTerminal session.