In order to download setups or upgrade firmware version of SATEC devices PAS can be ran in Command Line Console.

Create bat file as per example below and run it from folder C:\PAS

call pas.exe -s -d -i192.168.0.203 -p502 -a1 -nEM133Test -w9


-i192.168.0.203 - IP address of device

-p502 - Modbus Host port 502

-nEM133Test - site name in PAS is "EM133Test"

-s - silent mode (running PAS in background)

-d - download setups into device

-a1 - Address 1

-w9 - password '9'

Upgrading firmware version of Ethernet port

call pas.exe -s -u -fEthmod_61.1.11_A9E1.hex -nEM133Test -p5000 -i192.168.0.203 -w9


-u - upgrading

-fEthmod_61.1.11_A9E1.hex - image file name

-p5000 - Host port for Ethernet port