Here is example on energy meter EM133

Refer EM133 Modbus Reference Guide 

1. Send password 

1.1. When password up to 4 digits you can send it to register 2575.

1.2. When password up to 8 digits you can sent it to register 44378 and 44379. We recommend to choose this option anyway.

2. Sending date/time into device. Must be sent all 6 fields. 

* send writing (updating) requests shortly after sending password. If communication session will be closed should send password again before sending writing requests.


3. Verify time of RTC or/and find appropriate record in Event log of the device.

To reset other data in SATEC devices refer registers Device Reset/Clear Registers on page 47.

Before sending any updating should be send correct password. Else SATEC device will response a NAK error (no acknowledge).

Then the device allows updating till communication session is open.

4. Deleting Historical data : Event/data logs. 

    This example is based on energy meter EM920.

    Send value 127 to register 63120 and number of Event/Data log to register 63121.

    Refer codes on logs in table F2