Current input types in PM180 - option name

Energy/PQCurrents Fault
P/NCT PrimaryMaximum Measured CurrentCT PrimaryMaximum Measured Current
50A, calibrated to 5A (Class 0.2S Accuracy)55205100/2 sec
10A, calibrated to 1A (Class 0.2S Accuracy)114120
100A Split Core HACS (set of 4), Calibrated to 5A (Class 1 Accuracy)CS1S5205100
100A Split Core Handheld Clamp HACS (set of 4), 13mm opening, Calibrated to 5A (Class 1 Accuracy)CS1H5205100
Use of any High Accuracy Current Sensors (HACS), without overcurrent.
Requires ordering of 4 HACS