Battery is used in PM17X devices to backup Real Time Clock, Setups and logs.

1. Communicate to PM17X device in PAS in order to backup both setups, logs and counters.

1.1 Read all setups to backup. Meter Setup->Upload Setups

1.2 Read all logs. Monitor->Upload logs

1.3 Read energy counters values (real time values). Monitor->RT->Data Set#4 Total Energies

      To reading real time values of TOU energy register change Data Set#5 TOU Energies appropriately.

Important ! -> Refer all warnings before connection/disconnection voltage and current circuits. 

2. Disconnection all cables:

2.1 Switch power supply and voltage inputs OFF.

2.2 Connect shorts on current outputs of current transformers and only then disconnect current inputs.

2.3 Disconnect communication connectors.

2.4 Disconnect ground cables.

3. Opening device and replacing battery.

3.1 Open 4 screw-nuts

3. Releasing 4 latches by a flat screwdriver.

4. Open the cover and replace the battery.

5. Follow all steps in reverse order to close and connect back the device.